How to hold truly effective meetings

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A business meeting is a very important tool but too many times they are simply badly organized, leading to a dull, frustrating experience. That is why so many people groan when they have to attend one, but it doesn’t have to be like that. A good meeting can be incredibly productive but conducting one takes skill and direction. Meetings can run over and be taken over by the same people who talk endlessly but never seem to achieve anything solid. Arrange your meeting room to reflect your highly organised agenda. Don’t let your meetings become the stuff of office nightmares and follow some basic tips.

Be prepared

Obtain a written agenda ahead of the meeting and bullet point the topics to be discussed. Give attendees plenty of time to read any material that might go with the agenda and this way people may be more concise and effective with their conservation and can get straight to the point.

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Make sure that key decision-makers are at the meeting

A meeting cannot achieve anything if an executive is missing and they are only ones who can move something forward.


Where you hold a meeting is almost as crucial as the contents of the meeting. If you’re in the process of planning a new office space, be sure to speak to your fit-out provider about what qualities you want in a meeting room. For an Office Fit-out Company to assist you, visit

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Start the meeting bang on time and finish up a couple of minutes early and this will gain you a reputation for being super-efficient and organized.

Stick to the agenda topics to remain focused and productive

If anyone brings up other topics, explain that you will park that idea and include in the further discussion comments of the meeting’s notes.

Remember to take notes in the meeting

Many people forget to do this but it’s a great way to stay on top of any questions or assignments that come your way.

Follow up on the meeting

Even better if you send an email or make a phone call on the same day. It is a good way to make a positive impression and demonstrates that you are on top of things and that the meeting was clearly important to you.

Team meetings are great for developing strong relationships and offer a place for team members to support each other and share ideas. Over half of all communication is read through body language and so the only way you can really get a feel for what’s going on is by investing in face-to-face time. Meetings give the leader a chance to rally the troops as leadership can only be effective if that person engages with their team.


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