The art of Model Ship building

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A very peaceful pastime is making model ships. You might see the kits and feel a little bit intimidated by all that rigging and decking everywhere but that is a slightly advanced job and it’s probably a good idea to start on something a bit smaller before you attempt the large-scale HMS Victory or a Cutty Sark. The best ones to start with are the smaller scale battleships and cruise liners. They have less fiddly parts that can catch a beginner out. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones. Depending on the materials that you are using to create your model you may want to invest in some wood glue or perhaps metal bonding adhesives like the ones you can see at

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Remember we said that the easier ones were cruise ships? Well, it won’t come as much of a surprise to find that the number one ship model to build is that of the ill-fated trans-Atlantic passenger ship the Titanic. Even now some one hundred years after its one and only voyage this ship still holds and attraction to us all with its tale of doom. There have been enough films, books, and documentaries written about it to fill its hold. The model is also a nice little introduction to the world of model ships. Generally, it comes with a presentation stand too.

The next one might surprise you. It’s a Viking longboat. Perhaps it’s the fact that this ship did actually get across the Atlantic despite the fact it was physically much smaller than the Titanic The Vikings were a warrior race that no one really wanted to mess with at any point. It’s not a huge job either to make this one and it generally only has one sail to worry about, so you’ve got a good chance of not mucking it up and it will allow you to gain the skills for the next time.

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We come to a battleship now but it’s not a British one despite the fact we’re famous for our Navy. It is, in fact, a ship that gave our Navy one of its biggest headaches in the second world war it’s the Bismark. Combined with the Tirpitz and Graf Spee it was essential that the ships were sunk as soon as possible, and it was but not by a British battleship. It was in fact sunk by an attack by some torpedo-carrying biplanes of the Fairey Swordfish variety in conjunction with some smaller cruisers. The thinking being it couldn’t hit them all and one for them would get a shot in.

Finally, it’s the HMS Victory. If you can conquer the others successfully then you are ready for this monster. Huge sails and a load of rigging and masts to contend with await, it might be an idea to get a pre-painted one first as well.


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