Top Properties Of A Stable Rug To Be Vigilant Of

Submitted by on Nov 13, 2020

Rugs are found to be the most important outfit for every horse. Horse’s rug is quite different from that of other rugs. Most people know these rugs as stable rugs. These rugs protect the horses not only from the harsh impacts of weather conditions but also from many injuries. If you are brand conscious then in that case you should choose only branded rugs for your horses.

Essential properties to be considered in a horse’s rug:-

  • Weight: It is the weight that needs to be considered as one of the most important features in stable rugs. Some rugs are heavy-weight while others are light-weight. During winter seasons, heavy-weight rugs are chosen as the best option for preserving enough warmth in horses’ bodies. In summers, light-weight ones seem to be the most suitable choice allowing enough air to breathe. On the other, you need to consider the horse’s weight as well.
  • Rug type: Horses’ rugs are of great variety these days. You should learn about the available types in order to choose the right one for your horse. Some potential features that should be essentially there in the rugs are water-proof nature, UV-ray protection, smooth in texture, and other related ones. It is the type that decides the actual rug features or characteristics. If the quality of the rug is poor then its color will fade away and it will soon get damaged. Therefore you should choose only those rugs that have got color protection along with damage-proof texture. Rain sheets and turn-out rugs are the two main types of rugs worn by horses. Rain-sheets protect the horses from rain and turn-out rugs help keep the horses warm.
  • Fitting: The rug should be of absolutely correct fitting otherwise the horse might experience a lot of discomfort in it. You should take a proper measurement of your horse’s body in order to get a customized rug for it. If the rug is tight towards the neck then in that case the horse might not be able to carry the rug for long and it will feel uncomfortable. The rugs should have flexible bands so that they can be adjusted to the neckline well. Moreover, the leg-straps should also be perfectly fitted otherwise the horse might be facing walking difficulties.

You can now follow a perfect buying guide for purchasing the best category of stable rugs for your horses. You should keep all types of rugs in order to create a healthy wardrobe collection. You can choose the trendiest and most stylish rugs for complimenting the overall appeal and personality of the horses. You can also buy some excellent accessories to wear with these rugs. For exploring the varieties you can get into the site of any popular horse-rug seller online. Click here to know more.