India makes One of America’s most popular cholesterol drugs

Submitted by on Aug 20, 2019

Crestor is an extremely popular cholesterol-reducing drug, with a patent that was formerly held by AstraZeneca, a company based in the United Kingdom. As of July 21st, however, the US Food and Drug Administration approved eight different companies to take over the manufacturing of the drug by creating generic versions of it after the original patent expired. Three of the firms that were given that approval was Indian. This decision by federal authorities will likely bring both prominence and prosperity to India since Crestor has an estimated $6 billion annual revenue in the United States each year.

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Indian Firms Already Prominent Creators of Generic Drugs

Many people don’t realize that Indian pharmaceutical companies are already capturing a significant share of the market when it comes to generic drug manufacturing. Specifically, about 30 percent of the generic drugs that are taken in the United States come from India. They are very quick at manufacturing and will need to be using strict health and safety procedures when handling the medications.  One great piece of equipment that we use in the UK is Pneumatic conveying systems which allow tubes that have high pressured gases that move around the medication quickly from one location to the next.  To understand this more it could be a good idea to take a peek at sites including Furthermore, some of the companies that are responsible for making those drugs earn more than half their revenue from exporting the products to the United States. This recent news about the manufacturing of Crestor is clearly great news for India. Furthermore, the respective companies have been given permission to make the drug in four different dosages.

The FDA Approval Process Can Be Tough

It is also likely the Indian firms and the companies from other countries that were given permission to start making the generic version of Crestor are feeling very proud of the accomplishment. That’s because the FDA is characteristically very strict when it comes to approving new drugs or deciding which companies can make particular drugs.

In order to give their products the best chance of eventually reaching the patients who need them, many drug companies work with pharmaceutical consulting companies, especially during the all-important clinical trial phases that could determine whether the FDA ever deems drugs fit for human consumption.

If a person’s cholesterol levels are too high, he or she may have an increased risk of heart attacks or strokes. This news about Crestor generics is not only good news for Indian companies, but it could help people stay healthier by avoiding complications that could be life-altering or even fatal.

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