Santa’s Home is Actually lovely

Submitted by on Nov 21, 2019

Santa Claus, Pere Noel, Father Christmas – whatever you want to call him, this guy is surrounded in myths and legends. Very little is actually known about Santa, despite his international fame and superhero-like status amongst the children of the world, but based on what we do know, here is what we think Santa’s home may be like…

Located in the North Pole, or somewhere in the area, Santa either has some sort of invisibility shield which keeps his home from being spotted by outsiders, or it is buried deep beneath the snow and ice. Both of these could be possible, as we know that whatever technology he uses to get around the world and deliver all those presents in one night is more advanced than anything known to humans. It is probably more likely to be the invisibility shield, as beneath the North Pole is actually water, and reindeer (even magical ones) prefer dry land!

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Santa is very lucky to have Mrs Claus as a wife – she keeps the whole thing running smoothly whilst he runs the workshop, and checks the naughty and nice list (not once but twice!) – caring for the elves and feeding the reindeer, Mrs Claus certainly has her work cut out.  It is a well-known fact that Mrs Claus is the best cocoa maker in the world! Of course caring for magical reindeer is a difficult job, as they are thought to be fed on magic dust, which enables them to make their magical flight around the world on Christmas Eve.   But she keeps them well groomed and always cosy and warm in the work shop where the sleigh is safe.  She invested in a very good selection of column radiators of all shapes, sizes and colours from sites like

The house itself probably doesn’t take up too much room – but the workshops, stables and elves homes will take up a great deal of space, and with an increasing population in the world, more and more buildings and elves will be needed each year to ensure that toy demands are met for all the nice children!

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The sleigh itself takes up quite a bit of room as it needs to hold a great deal of gifts – and is maintained by engineer elves throughout the year to ensure that it doesn’t break down during that all important flight on Christmas!


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