The 40th Birthday of National Smile Month

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This month is the 40th annual National Smile Month and this year, to celebrate the occasion, the Oral Health Foundation is making their campaign even bigger and even better than before.  This is only possible with a great Branding Agency sourced from links including

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Three Key Messages

Over 4,000 organizations have registered with the Oral Health Foundation to support National Smile Month. Together, they are promoting three things that everyone can do to keep their teeth – and themselves – healthy:

– Brush your teeth! Sounds obvious but it really is the most important thing you can do to keep your teeth healthy and strong. The Oral Health Foundation recommends that you should always use fluoride toothpaste, brush once before bed and at least once at another time during the day. Brushing makes a difference not just because it keeps your mouth clean and not just because it helps stop bad breath (though it does that too), but because it controls the bacteria in your mouth that actually cause tooth decay, meaning that you should be able to keep your teeth in your mouth for longer. That has to be a good thing, right? And if you’re wondering how best to brush your teeth, wonder no longer because there’s a handy guide at

– Cut down on sugary foods and drinks. It might not be fun and it’s true that a little of what you like will do you no harm. Don’t forget, though, that those bacteria that eat away at your teeth and cause cavities, gum disease, bad breath and ultimately will cost you your smile feed on all the lovely sugar in your favorite fizzy drinks and sweets.

– Visit your dentist as often as they say you should. Your dentist is an expert. No, really, they have a degree to prove it and as well as looking after your teeth, they can spot early signs of other conditions such as some cancers, so it’s very important that you see them however often they recommend.

And If You Don’t Like Your Smile?

There are ways that your dentist can help. Some practices can offer invisible braces in Cardiff or elsewhere which can easily and quickly give you a big smile full of healthy straight teeth.

Support National Smile Month

National Smile Month runs until 16th June, and you can support them with the hashtag #MySmileySelfie.

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