Planning a hen do on a modest budget

Submitted by on Oct 8, 2019

The hen do is an important part of the lead-up to a wedding. It must celebrate the bride, be memorable, and not take up too much cash, as most of everyone’s budget has probably already been allocated to the nuptials. Here are some ways to organize a fabulously creative hen do that does not cost the earth.

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Get creative

The event needs to be all about the bride-to-be. If she enjoys festivals, why not put together a small festival that is all about this special woman? Name the festival after her – just add fest to whatever you call her. Pick a great location and get tents, a marquee or clean out a shed or rearrange your living room and get a Boiler Repair Gloucester company such as to make sure you all stay toasty warm, regardless of the time of year.

Make sure you have delicious food and tempting drinks under control. You could even think up a cocktail in the bride’s honor. Create a soundtrack that she will adore, play fun games, print tickets, and get T-shirts made for each member of the party to wear. You could even keep the whole thing a secret and surprise her. The thought and effort going into this will ensure a treasured memory for everyone who is part of the event.

Serene contemplation

If the bride is more of a yoga girl, choose a setting in a beautiful rural spot, lay on supplies, and snuggle in for cooking, walks, games and wine in front of roaring fires or on a balcony overlooking a stunning lake or river valley. You could also bring in a masseuse or facialist to give everyone some relaxing pampering.

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Being crafty

According to the Guardian, many hen nights are based around craft activities. This could be involving yourself in a much-loved craft or perhaps trying something new.

. If you are looking for something a little more dynamic that will remain indelibly etched across your guests’ minds forever, consider something adrenaline fuelled followed by a nice meal and the traditional evening out.

There is no limit to the exciting activities that can constitute a brilliant hen do. Spending a lot on a pricey nightclub may lighten the wallet without really providing the kind of experience that will bond the group forever and make the bride feel super-special. Imagination is the key to a hen do that is truly remarkable. Sometimes when it comes to celebrating, less is more!

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