An introduction to tubular shelving

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Do you need a shelving unit that differs from the traditional ones but is modern and functional?

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Functionality of the shelves

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Tubular shelving is becoming increasing popular in the UK. These shelves are a great compromise between the light shelving that is commonly used in offices and archives and the heavier shelving often found in stockroom or warehouses.

Tubular shelves are indispensable for trade and industry and are mainly used to store boxes, units and parts.

These shelves are also ideal for building a modern-looking environment in your house. Whether you need a bookshelf or a floor ceiling installation, those units are a great choice. Thanks to their modularity, these shelves are very flexible and can be mixed and matched to achieve exactly the unit you need. There’s a broad online range of tubular shelving.

Easy assembling and installation

The shelves can be mounted open or closed. Open shelves are more suitable for box storage, while the open ones can be successfully used for multi-purpose storage.

The structure of the shelf allows you to access it from both sides, which means that the shelf can be positioned anywhere in the space available, such as against a wall or in the middle of the room.

The height of the shelf can be adjusted according to the size of the goods stored. Those shelves are ideal to accommodate heavy goods and offer great stability. Normally, the shelves provide ventilation and allow for water and light to penetrate.

These shelving units have a hard-wearing steel frame, supportive legs and a great storage space. You can choose from different units in various sizes and colours, with different shelf quantities and depths. Regardless of your restrictions or requirements, you’ll be able to find something that fits your space and needs. You can read more about shelving and its materials, including steel, at

Installation is easy because no back bracing is needed. This means that you don’t have to install back-to-back racks; one wider single bay can be used instead. This will save you money and reduce the weight of the unit. In addition, you will not need nuts and bolts. All you need is a rubber hammer.

The final results will be aesthetically very pleasing, and the functionality of the unit will amaze you!

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